An industry that never stands still

Like the industrial revolution before it, the digital revolution is changing the world for ever. Economically, socially and practically, our lives will never be the same again.

The technology, media and telecommunications (TMT) industry is, like the world around it, constantly evolving.

Fortunately, the TMT industry and the businesses within it thrive on change. They are rising to the challenge. Just as technology firms are innovating and scaling rapidly, media companies are personalising and integrating. And all the while telecommunication companies are feeding the monster that is the ever-increasing demand for bandwidth. The lines are rapidly blurring between these formerly distinct sectors.

TMT businesses are succeeding at achieving accelerated growth. But adaptability and focus are crucial components as well: cool heads and clear thinking is imperative. And that’s where Grant Thornton comes in.

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Rapid change and complexity have always been hallmarks of the technology industry. And it is even more so today. Start-ups are going global from day one and the lines between technology, telecommunications and the media sectors are blurring.

Successful technology firms are responding by continually revising their business models, business strategies and product mix. They are growing, restructuring, improving margins and then growing again.

Whether your goal is to enter new markets, scale operations, manage costs, source funding or comply with regulations, we have the insight and experienced judgement to help you succeed. 

Our teams offer services tailored to your industry, including working with you to:

  • scale operations as you grow
  • create trust and manage risk in the cloud, mobile and digital world
  • secure capital for growth
  • reduce costs and optimise profits
  • understand technology and R&D-specific incentives
  • identify regulatory issues and compliance with global regulatory requirements.

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The media industry is in the grip of a technological revolution where distribution models, commissioning procedures and revenue streams are all evolving as the industry responds to the shift to digital and personalisation. This has resulted in a flood of new channels, platforms and experiences, all of which have to be constantly fed with compelling, quality content. If they are not, audiences move on.

There has also been an increase in mergers and acquisitions, as big companies expand and new spin-offs spring from established businesses. In some regions it’s vertical, while in others it resembles an ecosystem. 

Forward-thinking companies, prepared to revise their strategies, operations, products and services, can turn the challenges into real opportunities.

We’ve worked with players across the breadth of the industry, from film animators to studio infrastructure providers and games distributors to music broadcasters. We've supported businesses from start-up to IPO, through domestic mergers and international acquisitions.

Grant Thornton media experts can work with you on:

  • cross-border film and TV
  • accessing bridge and gap funding
  • corporate finance and specialised media M&A work
  • strategic advisory and business consulting
  • local and international tax advice
  • outsourcing, production accounting and payroll.


The telecommunications industry is changing rapidly and facing pressure from all sides. 

But despite the serious margin squeeze affecting balance sheets worldwide, telecommunication companies are handling the roll-out of new network technologies and an insatiable demand for bandwith.

They are also responding to increased regulatory pressures and the flood of disruptive technology firms entering the market. And they are tackling churn in a converging marketplace.

Our global network of professionals work with a wide range of telecommunications businesses, at all levels of the value chain. We support businesses of all sizes, from emerging companies to rapidly expanding ones as well as established industry players. Depending on your needs, we can help your business grow globally or in your local market.

We can work with you to:

  • achieve sustainable growth
  • manage risk and regulation
  • optimise operations
  • finance growth
  • manage talent for growth
  • manage issues of ownership and stakeholder value.

As well as this global industry, we have in-depth knowledge of many other industries and sectors. If you would like to learn more, please contact us.