About global tax

Ambitious organisations need to consider their tax affairs carefully to gain trust and stay ahead of their competitors.

At Grant Thornton, tax is a key part of our organisation and our award-winning teams can offer you a range of solutions, whatever the size of your business or the challenges you’re facing.

Using a combination of reason and instinct, we can work with you to develop a strategy that helps you both understand and manage your tax liability in a transparent and ethical way.

How we work 

Whether you’re a medium-sized dynamic business or a multinational company, we offer one-to-one access to senior tax people across the globe. Our teams listen closely to your needs and respond quickly with insightful solutions.

As a major global accounting organisation, we can provide the benefits of working with a respected global organisation but we still maintain an in-depth local knowledge of the countries in which we operate.

Across our global organisation of more than 130 member firms, our people work towards a common goal – setting Grant Thornton apart from the crowd through rigour and technical excellence.

Our solutions

As well as having skills and experience in tax consulting and compliance, our teams can support you in the following areas:

  • corporate and business tax
  • direct international tax
  • global mobility services
  • indirect international tax
  • private client services
  • tax policy
  • transfer pricing.

Why tax matters

Across the globe, companies’ tax affairs are facing increasing scrutiny from regulators, communities and clients. At the same time, bodies such as The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) are working on rules to change the way international business structures work.

Successful organisations need a proactive approach to tax to show how they are meeting their obligations. A positive tax strategy can also increase your reputation for openness and transparency among clients and communities, helping your business unlock its potential for growth.

If you have any questions or would like to find out more about how we can help, please contact us.

Our Tax & Outsourcing

Corporate and business tax

Growing businesses need strong tax management to meet current and future tax liabilities and we can help you achieve this, whatever challenges you face.

Direct international tax

We have the insight and agility to create the strategies you need to respond quickly to ever-changing tax laws.

Global mobility services

In a globalised world, businesses must work seamlessly across borders. Organisations operate in multiple countries and view international expansion as a strategic objective.

Indirect international tax

With more goods and services crossing national borders than ever before, you may be facing indirect tax obligations in many countries – even those where your customer is located.

Innovation and investment incentives

Dynamic businesses must continually innovate to maintain competitiveness, evolve and grow. Valuable tax reliefs are available to support innovative activities, irrespective of your tax profile.

Private client services

Protecting business and personal wealth is of upmost importance for private clients worldwide. At Grant Thornton, we bring reason and instinct to all aspects of your personal finance and compliance planning.

Transfer pricing

The laws surrounding transfer pricing are becoming ever more complex, as tax affairs of multinational companies are facing scrutiny from media, regulators and the public.

Tax policy

Grant Thornton’s teams can work with you to help you understand these regulations, develop a strategy tailored to your business’ individual tax needs and manage tax risk around the globe.

Business process solutions

As organisations grow, back office processes and meeting reporting requirements across multiple jurisdictions can become a distraction. We remove the burden of back office operations and worries about compliance to enable you to focus on growth.

Maja Filipceva
Tax & Outsourcing Partner
Maja Filipceva